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In America more than 200 million guns are in circulation. The statistics show that 87 people a day in the U.S. lose their lives to firearms. According to U.S. government statistics, firearms killed 4,223 children in 1997. Many of them were accidents while they were playing at their friends home.

August 1st, 1966: Austin Texas. Charles Whitman killed his mother and wife, then went to the top of the University clock tower after the lunch break and began to pick off the stragglers who remained.

Is it really an incarnation of freedom for Americans to own guns?
Or is it the freedom with which people can satisfy the desire to kill?

Early in the morning of September 25th, 1982 George Banks donned military-style fatigues and packed an AR-15 automatic weapon and killed 13 people in the Jenkins Township, Pennsylvania.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

Gun lobbyists argue that that owning guns is the best way to protect people's lives, and many people buy guns for that reason. But the fact that guns cause more crimes than they prevent is something gun lobbyists fail to comprehend.

July 18, 1984 James Oliver Huberty bursts into a McDonalds restaurant in California and raked customers with gunfire. In 1990, an estimated daily average of 25 people were murdered with handguns 33 women were raped at gunpoint, 575 people were the victims of armed robberies and 1, 116 people were assaulted with a gun in the united states.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

In Edmond, Oklahoma, at 7am on August 20th, 1986 Patrick Sherill strode into a Post Office in his blue uniform, toting three pistols and ammunition in a mailbag in a mailbag slung over his shoulder, killing workers as he went.

Arkansas December 28th, 1987: After killing 14 family members at his home, Ronald Gene Simmons Sr. drove into town where he killed 2 co-workers and wounded four others.

June 18, 1990: James Pugh walked in a GMC car loan office where he randomly killed eight and wounded four others. He started the rampage the night before by killing a prostitute and her pimp. When he saw no one else alive, he turned the gun on himself.

The epidemic of gun violence in the United States is such a source of international embarrassment. American children under the age of 15 die because of guns at a rate nearly 12 times that of 25 other wealthy nations combined. America is the only industrialised nation that doesn't mandate gun licensing and registration and its rate of firearm deaths is triple that of the next highest nation, Canada.

On April 20th, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked nonchalantly into Columbine High School at 11:15am and fired shots from a multi-gun arsenal and lobbed home-made bombs throughout the school. At the end of the rampage 12 students, one teacher and the gunmen were dead.

February 29th, 2000: A SIX year old boy pulled a 0.32 calibre gun from his trousers and shot a little girl dead in front of their horrified teacher and classmates.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

It is ridiculous that the National Rifle Association (NRA) still uses the 2nd Amendment to advertise the right to own guns. The founders of the United States of America made laws according to the social situation at that time. It was impossible for them to forsee what would happen two centuries later. If they had known that later 4,223 children would die in one year because of firearms, they would never have drafted the 2nd Amendment.

Good Morning America
It's time to wake up to the reality of your obscene gun laws

8 Second Seizure (Without Conscience – Track #1)

Barren wastelands in my head
Constructive thoughts, all about dead
My mind is floating out in space
No emotion can show on my face
I hit the wall day after day
There's no words that I can say
8 second seizure, destroying me
I'm on the floor, can't take any more
8 second seizure
My brain is diseased, I cannot think
Did too much, fell over the brink
Reality has no grip on me
I've got to take to feel free
Barren wastelands in my head
Constructive thoughts all about dead
Don't know what I'm doing
Don't know where I've been
Got too much shit up my nose
It's a motherfucker man!

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10,5 or a Dime (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #11)

Annihilation No. 3 (Dem Bones – Track #12)

Third time round, the big one
And no-one will survive
Just count the days, we’re in a maze
And no-one gets out alive
Annihilation number three (x4)
So don’t plan any future
‘Cos you haven’t got the time
Just do the very best you can
‘Cos your life is on the line
ONE … What’s the use?
TWO … What’s to gain?
THREE … No-one wins

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Best of Both Worlds (F.O.A.D. – Track #7)

Big Hard Man (Dem Bones – Track #5)

Why can’t you just leave me alone?
I can’t even go out on my own
Stupid bastard you can stare
You’d like to punch me if you dare
You think you’re clever in your gang
You wear the same clothes and talk in slang
You discuss the people you’d like to hit
But I know you, you stupid tit
You’d like to punch me but you’re not quite sure
‘Cos I might hit back and break your jaw
I could even kill some cunt
And be like you in the National Front
Supporting England and standing proud
Seek protection in the crowd
Fucking hell we must be tough
Just watch me punch this poof
And, yes, let’s go out with the lads
But don’t forget the latest fads
Spouting shit like “ban the bomb”
Let’s fuck all under the sun
You’ve slaughtered them once, you’ll do it again
Grow rich of their backs
Your school teachers and history
But hide all the facts

Bitchin' (Losing Control – Track #9)

Well, I've been hearing what you've been saying and it ain't good
You've been saying I've been lying, and all that sort of stuff
You thought you were pretty good
The problem was you thought too much
You'd better shut your mouth
The bitches are bitchin', always the same
The bitches are bitchin', another face, another name
The bitches are bitchin' look around they'll shoot you down
The bitches are bitchin', 'cos a bitch is a bitch
My self control's getting very low
I've got to get out, get out and go
As I move to one side, two-faced bitch
I want out of this, I'm drowning in your lies
Girl, you'd better watch what you say
'Cos what I explode, I'll be coming your way
And when I do, I'm coming looking for you
That's when you will learn the truth
Your bitchin's getting to me
I can't take it any more
You'd better shut your mouth
I'll nail you to the wall

Blue Life (Trader in Death 12” – Track #7)

Bonecrusher (Bonecrusher – Track #2)

Booze for Free (Trader in Death 12” – Track #4)

Brain Dead (Losing Control – Track #7)

I've got a hole in my head
They drag me to my bed
I didn't want to sleep tonight
'Cos I shake too much when I ain't high
I ain't sick (he ain't sick)
I wake up in bed ... shouting ... Brain Dead!
You sit in your easy black chair
Cigar in hand and swept black hair
My feelings you don't care
I need co-operations
I don't need no operation
They're gonna tie me down
Keep me off the town
Where I can't do any harm
I got a needle in my arm

Bring ‘Em Down (Stitched Up – Track #8)

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Choose Death (Bonecrusher – Track #4)

City Fodder (Dem Bones – Track #10)

I don’t want this fucking crap
Feeding me this or telling me that
I don’t wanna work in a scabby factory
Just more fodder for the sick society
I just wanna have some fun
Don’t wanna shoot no fucking gun
Just wanna have some fun
Take it all in and make your brain go numb
I won’t go to Argentina
And be a victim of the media
I don’t wanna fight in their stupid war
Or be a victim of their cause
They’ve signed their papers
And picked their fight
Let them do what’s ‘only right’
Kill and cripple, maim and suffer
But not to me or any other

Civil War (Dem Bones – Track #8)

It’s the goodies and the baddies all again
Breaking up the boredom by killing other men
Can’t you see it’s us and them (x2)
The country’s split in two and we’re heading for civil war
You’d better run and hide, hide from the war
Now it isn’t even safe to walk the streets at night
There’s people looking for a decent meal to eat tonight

Cleansing (Without Conscience – Track #2)

Fucked up land, fucked up lives
Ethnic cleansing, under darkened skies
Lies and more lies, fuel the fire
War advances, smashing everything in its path
The innocent suffer, victims of the hate mob
Cannon fodder, victims of lies
Propaganda train keeps moving, hiding war crimes
They want you dead, they want your head

CO.UK (Without Conscience – Track #6)

Database running around my head
Got to get on the net or I'll be dead
CO UK (x 4)
Programmed control, destroy on command
One click and God I'll be damned
Army out there, they don't know it yet
They will soon, they'll be caught up in the net
Caught up in the net

Crack Attack (Trader in Death 12” – Track #5)

Crucifix (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #3)

? Something about a poxy posing priest

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Dead Inside (Fuck the World Split – Track #5)

No Feeling, I don’t care
No Feeling, What a fucking nightmare
Dead Inside (x3)
No future, I don’t care
What’s the point in living?
What’s the point of anything?
I need another beer just to feel my head
Just one more to make things better
Need another beer, just one more
Just one more, just one more
No future, I don’t care
No future, What a fucking nightmare

Death is Imminent (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #10)

There’s going to be a war, rejoice rejoice
Hear the people cheer, rejoice, rejoice
You’re all gonna pay , rejoice, rejoice
In a second not a day, rejoice, rejoice
I’d like to make it perfectly clear
You’re all gonna die, die d’you hear?
I’d like to make it perfectly clear
If you’re gonna die, don’t die round here
I’d like to make it perfectly clear
You’re all gonna die, die d’you hear?
No matter what you say or do
They’re gonna win, them - not you
Like a pure white angel sent from God
Flying above you, it’s after your blood
No way of escaping, it sees all
No way of living, it destroys all
I love my family, oh please don’t die
They need to protect us, that’s a lie
Stop, wait, think for a minute
It’s no use now, ‘cos death is imminent

Decapitated (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #1 & #12)

Her name was Jane, she lived alone
She had to go out, out to the phone
She had to cross the moor that night
She was all alone, and out of site
She was decapitated (x4)
There was a flash of steel,
And a lot of blood
She could not scream
He had cut her throat
He tore her body, limb from limb
He liked to kill, he loved to sin
She was decapitated (x4)
Her name was Jane, she lived alone
She had to go out, out to the phone
She had to cross the moor that night
She was all alone, and out of site
I saw the girl, the one who’s dead
I saw her walking, without her head
She walked before me, before my eyes
I saw the blood, I heard her cries
She got decapitated
Now I remember, it’s coming clear
I had the axe, she had the fear
She had the body, I had the lust
She didn’t want me, so die she must

Delusion & Anger (Bonecrusher – Track #3)

Descend (Without Conscience – Track #11)

As you descend into this living hell
Hear the door slam behind you
You're going down, you can't fight back
You're over the edge and into the black
Thought you had all the answers
One more hit to make things
Hallucigenic nightmare state
You're crawling for corners in the strobe light effect
Head Fucked Paranoid
One way ticket down a one way street
The walls cave in, you're starting to scream
It moves close every day
The abyss waits for you, the bottomless pit
Resolve the problem, feel the pain
Sweat on your brow
Gun against your head
Flexing your finger
Russian roulette
Take a bullet for your pain

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Entity (Without Conscience – Track #8)

It feeds off your emotions
It can see, it’s in your eyes
It can sense your every heartbeat
You can tell it no lies
You’re the victim, victim of violence (x4)
It hates it when you’re having fun
It loves to see your sorrow
It’ll kick you in the teeth
Like there’s no tomorrow
It’s gonna cut you up
It’s gonna bring you down
When you finally give in
You will be an empty shell
It turned everyone against you
Just when you needed them most
It fucked your world inside out
Fucked you up, spat you out

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Fight the Good Fight (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #5)

Forget It (Stitched Up – Track #5)

Fuck Off & Die (F.O.A.D. – Track #1)

Don't you tell me what to be you see
'Cos all I'll say to you is fuck off and die
My life is mine, my body is me
Fuck all religions, fuck off and die
I've seen you in your Ford Capri
You think you're smart, but you're nothing to me
'Prick 4 Prat' on your windscreen
Fat, bloated beergut, you're fucking obscene
You tell me that I've got to dress smart
Well listen to this fuck off and die
I fuckin' hate you and I hate your clubs
I hate Spandau Ballet fuck off and die
Fuck Off And Die
We're gonna kick your arse, gonna kick it good
Scum of the Earth, fuck off and die
We're gonna make this town the way it should
Keep out of the way fuck off and die
We're gonna fight you
We're gonna see you
We're gonna get you
We're gonna make you
We're gonna see you
We're gonna get you
We're gonna make you
Fuck Off And Die

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Going Down (Losing Control – Track #5)

It started about 5 years ago
I was standing on the street, talking on the phone
A big black car pulled up to me
She said you'd better get in
She had a Magnum '83
I was terrified with my back against the wall
You're gonna die, you're gonna fall
I'm in a room going down, down
I'm in a room going down
She's a cat-like fiend
She crawls on all fours
A red-hot temptation
With these shiny sharp claws
Seducing her pray
A victim of her choice
A teasing temptation of sex and lust
Fatal attraction, that's what it was
She was after me, she was after love
If I said no, I'd be dead
She's got a gun at my head

Gotta Get Away (Stitched Up – Track #7)

Gotta Get Out Of Here (Never Say Die 12” – Track #3)

Typical people, I know you'll be there
Party tricks that I just can't bear
See you dressed in your nice new suit
Fall about 'cos your pissed as a newt
I've gotta get outta here (Why's that?)
Keep away, 'cos you're far too near
Come any closer and I'll put out your light
Ten minutes here's been a real long night
I think I've been here a 100 times before
In a horror nightmare I'm not quite sure
Each time it's always the fucking same
I get tied up with a drunken insane
When no-one's looking I'll slip through the door
Take a beer or two, maybe more
To a place that I know is good
The local pub in my neighbourhood

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Hidden Corner (Without Conscience – Track #12)

Boredom sets in (as life goes on)
Time keeps moving (what's gone wrong?)
All the people (they can't see)
My hidden corner (what's wrong with me)
You've gotta run
Get away
Any place but here
People's rejections (as you reject them)
Any chance of help (ignored again)
No one knows why (or where to next)
An emotion of fear (at the thought of death)
Self control (switch to meltdown)
Can't control (what's in my head)
Easily led (with encouragement)
Pull the trigger (because you're fucking dead)

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Intro (Dem Bones – Track #11)


Iron Maiden (Dem Bones – Track #3)

The Iron Maiden’s always there, preaching to people everywhere
Always telling us what to do, you blind us with your lies not truth
Open the door and let us in, Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden
To have the luxuries there within, Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden
You try to put us in a mould, our life and future you have sold
Always telling us what to do, same old story nothing new
Let us in from out of the cold, you’ll keep us there until we’re old
The money’s run dry and there’s nothing left
We’re going mad, do you get the drift ?

In Fear (Stitched Up – Track #6)

I. O. U. (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #2)

IOU (x4)
Nothing, I owe you nothing (x2)
IOU (x4)
Nothing, I owe you nothing (x2)
Nothing, I owe you nothing (x2)
When Mum & Dad are old and grey
When they’ve sent, sent you away
When I'm not, I'm not there
You'll stand on your own, own and stare
Nothing, I owe you nothing (x2)

It’s Like (Bonecrusher – Track #6)

It's like your paradise, but it's not what it seems
Ideals are not reality, they're nothing more than dreams
It's like your idols that offer you freedom
They're making their statements, so you think that they mean them?
They started all this hate
This hate, violence and war
They started all this hate
But who are you fighting for?
It's like your politicians who offer you the earth
But until they get in power you can't see what they're worth
It's like political violence that still goes on today
You'd think the government by now would have found a way
It's like the wealthy who look down on you
They're being taxed too much? That can't be true
It's like violent demonstrations like in Red Lion Square
The extent of the aggression the police didn't care
... are you fighting for
But who are you fighting for?

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Jacobs Ladder (Without Conscience – Track #10)

Breaking down defences
All I can see
Mass destruction all around me
Mass destruction all around of me
There's a war in my head
They won't let me sleep
My nerves are shot, my head's a mess
There's a war inside of me
They're kicking down the walls trying to find me
They think I'm already dead
But they want to take me down, drills in my head
Faces I recognise, it's the enemy within
Sick mother-fuckers, please don't let them in
Please don't fuck with my head, STOP
Stop the world, I want to get off
Too many people want what I've already got
I've gotta break out before it's too late
The elusive conflict, fucking escalates
Chaos takes over
It's the enemy within
You think you've got me
But I'm one step ahead
Don't be too sure
I ain't got the cure
Just leave me alone
Leave me alone

Jump (Losing Control – Track #4)

You're standing on the edge of a ledge
You're on the 18th floor
You look around and ask yourself
What am I living for?
The loan sharks are after you
What the fuck you gonna do?
Do it, do it
Jump, and it is a suicide
Jump, if you can't make up your mind
Jump if you can't take any more
Jump, what are you waiting for?
You ain't got no real friends
And no-one's on your side
No-one wants to listen to you, or help you
A friend in need is a friend indeed, or so they say
What are you going to do, come the day?
You sit in your chair
Pulling out your hair
What the fuck you gonna do?
When they kick down the door
And sanity won't pull you through?
But they can't stop you now
'Cos you've made up your mind
You know which way you wanna go
It's the big one, finish it
Do what you set out to do, do it, do it
Do what you set out to do, do it, do it

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Kick Down The Doors (F.O.A.D. – Track #2)

I've been sitting here, I just don't understand
Why do these people treat me like a clown? I get up every morning at the right time,
But when I get here, I'm greeted with a frown.
Well listen teacher, you're gonna get yours.
I'm gonna break up the tables and Kick Down The Doors
I'm gonna spllit your nose and pull out your hair.
Because, quite frankly, I just don't care.
You don't wanna help me. You don't wanna know me.
You just wanna kick me through the door.
Well, you've got the key and you've stuck it in me.
One more turn and I'm gonna even the score.
Well, it's a simple fact that Rat Eats Rat,
That's something I just won't ignore.
But in this penal system of English education,
You ain't gonna hurt me no more.
Because the idea behind this story,
Is not necessarily about a school.
It's about how you're treated at your place of work,
And how they make you feel like a fool.

Killing Fields (Losing Control – Track #1)

Violence of war, a time for mankind to fall
You're already dead, you signed the papers you never read
In the Killing Fields you have to pay
The price of war when it comes your way
The price of war you're gonna pay - In Blood
Overcome the fear and take the pain
The horrors of war thrown in your face
There's no looking back, you gotta go on
Clench your teeth and kill your fellow man
A diplomatic trap, fight to the last
Fear takes its toll
All the voices in your head
Said "We told you so"

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Last Breath (Losing Control – Track #2)

No place to run and hide
To free the pain that's in my mind
The whole world's falling in on me
My brain is numb, my eyes they cannot see
Jump into your separate skin
Split personality twin
You're living in a nightmare man
Tread carefully, or your last breath might be death
No way out, no release
No way to make my problems cease
Absorbing all the hatred that dwells in me
All the hatred you cannot see
Seems my sleepless nights
And my endless days
Will soon come to and end
When they switch off this machine
That keeps me prisoner here

Lesson (Losing Control – Track #12)

No way to control my obsession
Playing on my mind, that makes me blind
It teaches me a lesson, got to get it out of my system
The less, depression, teacher teaches me a lesson
Confusion, delusion, tell yourself something you don't believe in
Rebel against the feeling within
You all know that it's there, it's in the back of your mind
It's gonna get you sooner, or it's gonna get you later
Believe in me, not the voice
Inside I know the best way that we can get by
Believe in me - Do you believe in me?
No way to control the pain
The pain I see inside me
What makes you do it again
Again, again, again, again

Life’s Too Fast (Losing Control - Track #8)

I'm living in the fast lane, I got no time to die
Get off my back, I wanna take someone's life
Don't look at me in the same old way
Or I'll get a gun and blow you away
Go ahead - Make my day
I said - Life's too fast, too fast to die
I ain't going down, I ain't gonna die
I ain't gonna slip, I'm gonna take no shit
Life's too fast, too fast to die
Tell me what it's like, I wanna feel your pain
I got one hand inside you, don't spit in my face
You're gonna die, you piece of shit
Look at my face, when you fuck my fist
Your ass is mine, you're on your back all the time
My intentions are clear, Shut your mouth bitch
If you don't wanna die here
You never listen to what I say
Well, if you don't come back, that's OK

Limited Greed (Stitched Up – Track #9)

Liquidated Brains (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #6)

Going to the pub, It's Saturday Night
Cashed my giro, feelin' alright
Been two weeks without any money
Now I'm drunk, I think it's funny
I'm sitting down, I've got a drink
I'm too fucked, I just can't think
Leave me alone, I'm on my own
Get out of my brain, just leave me alone
I was only sitting at the front
And they're all fighting, what's the point
Thatchers' system and drinking beer
Has destroyed their brains and made them fear
Made them fear (x3) Destroyed their brains and made them fear

Losing Control (Losing Control – Track #3)

You're gonna get crazy if you lose control
You're gonna get crazy, listen to me fool
There's no way out, no way in
But you gotta get out if you believe in Sin
Losing Control, Losing Control
Die, die, die, he's gonna kill you fool
Losing Control, Losing Control
He's gotta kill to satisfy his soul
You're losing control, now you're looking like a fool
You said you'd be alright
You slit the girl, sadistic mother
When you kill, you butcher
The Devil's inside you and he's talking to you
He tells you to do these things
Split personality - There's no reality

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Maniac Loose (Losing Control – Track #11)

I've got a feeling inside me
Something's gonna happen
Something good, something should
Out on the highway
Last Saturday night
I got someone in my headlight
He could have moved
But he didn't
He could have moved
I had to hit him
There's a maniac loose
(On the highway)
Yeah, a maniac loose
He lying hopeless, smashed up
He cannot move, he cannot get up
I stuck it in reverse, hit the pedal
Now, if he ain't dead
He's a fuckin' cripple
Laughing with the Devil
He's on my side
He knows what I'm all about
He won't turn me in because
I made a deal with him
I got my food down hard
Pedal to the metal
They won't catch me
I ain't going to the state penitentiary

Mercy (Losing Control – Track #10)

We're gonna make you, gonna take you
Big Brother's taking control
Never forgive what you did
I'm gonna take you down
Make you on your bended knees, scream
I felt your sorrow, seen your fate
You're waiting for the second coming
Crying out for time
I've seen the forthcoming destruction
A time to end all time
I wanna hear it from your bleeding lips
Pleading for mercy
A nightmare on the horizon
The coming of a black dawn
If only you could see the future
Red skies disaster

Misfit (Without Conscience – Track #4)

The writings on the wall
Got to get to number one
What the hell is happening?
What have they done?
There’s a time, there’s a place
We do not fit, make no mistake
Look around there’s fucking violence
Sit at home and hear the sirens
Can’t watch the news, it’s too depressing
What the fuck is happening?
Running with the riots
Smashing windows, starting fires
Sirens from the other side
Too many cars are burnt outside
A time bomb situation
Feel the tension, everybody’s waiting
They’re waiting for the right time
Waiting for the right sign

Missing Link (F.O.A.D. – Track #6)

Money, Pleasure & Pain (Trader in Death 12” – Track #1)

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Never Say Die (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #9)

I don’t give a damn if you live or die
I don’t even care if you crash or fly
Take my place in the human race
And let the whole world go bang in your face
Never say die! Gonna be the best
Never say die! Don’t care about the rest
Never say die! We’re never gonna stop
Never say die! Until you drop
You know you set my World on fire
You fill me with a burning desire
There ain't no use for me to explain
What you do to me is inhumane

No-One Survives (Fuck The World Split – Track #8)

They push the button, we close our eyes
4 minute warning, now it’s goodbye
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
The innocent burn in the winds of fire
No one survives
Instant tan, we turn to ash
Shadows remain after the blast
Cities fall, the innocent die
Under the blood red sky
Push the button, we close our eyes
4 minute warning, now it’s goodbye
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
The innocent burn in the winds of fire

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Problem (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #4)

I know this world’s got problems
But I just don’t care anymore
Just turn my back and face away
Try and make it through another day
This problem’s got a hold on me
I need to be set free
This problem’s got a hold on me
Understand, it’s gonna kill me
Running round, pissed again
Everything seems better
So I close my eyes, enjoy the peace
But there’s another problem, there’s no release
Got to hang on for just one more try
Got to do it before I die
I need assistance, I need it quick
Or the future’s gonna look so bleak

Programme Control (F.O.A.D. – Track #4)

Propaganda (Stitched Up – Track #3)

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Random (Without Conscience – Track #3)

Wouldn’t it be cool to act out a scene
From your favourite video off the screen
Do all the shit you ever wanted to
Be a hardcore motherfucker and kill a few
Two went crazy, random fire
Spraying the room, everybody must die
Locked loaded, bustin’ caps
It’s the trench coat Mafia, hide if you can
Welcome to their fantasy
Another video nasty
Room after room, on a killing spree
Kill anyone that got in their way
Black, white, red or brown
It didn’t matter to them, they were all going down
What about the victims you left behind?
What about the victims?
What about them?
Killing Spree (x3)
Room after room on a killing spree

Religion is Responsible (Religion is Responsible – Track #1)

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Schizo (Fuck the World Split – Track #7)

I’m too tired, I cannot sleep
Flashbacks that keep me awake
I wanna run, but my legs won’t make it
Life’s fucked, guess I’ll have to fake it
Schizo inside my head (x3)
You sit in my head and criticise
You’re everything that I despise
You point your finger and it points at me
Why won’t you let me be?
Don’t say I’m right when you know I’m wrong
A fucked up feeling that I don’t belong
I hear you laughing inside my head
Guess I’d be better off dead
How much do I have to take?
Pressure in my head, it suffocates
Can’t breathe, I’m lacking breath
I’ll take off some fuckers head
Take off the head

Secret Agent (Dem Bones – Track #9)

I’m hooked on some addicting agent
Society itself is part of the problem
Live each day with mixed up ideas
Thinking about tomorrows tension and fears
Pills to wake me, pills to waste me
Kill my brain, tranquilise me
My mind is gone, I’m slave to a drug
Now, I’m gonna scream
I’ve had enough
I’m having trouble with sex
My mind won’t leave it alone
Left in a state of fantasy
With no escape to reality
Don’t stand there and look down on me
Or try to make me into something I don’t want to be
Don’t try to tell me how to talk
Or you’ll make the inside of my head go

Seeing through my eyes (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #7)

I’ve got no friends to call my own
Inside my head, my mind is blown
I love and hate you all the same time
Can someone tell me what is wrong with my mind
Seeing through my eyes
When I talk to you, I know you’re telling me lies
I can’t trust you as seen through my eyes
Is it some sort of conspiracy
To me hate you and you to hate me
You make me think that you’re my friend
While others around you start to offend
Criticise the way I dress and talk
I wish you’d drop dead or take a walk

Shutdown (Losing Control – Track #6)

Sick World (Stitched Up – Track #10)

Sitting On The Outside (F.O.A.D. – Track #5)

Stabbed in the Back (Trader in Death 12” – Track #3)

Stand Up (Dem Bones – Track #7)

Listen to the things you say
About the things you don’t understand
Trying to be different, it’s your fault you reprimand
‘Cos I don’t wanna be like you, I don’t wanna look like you (x2)
You’ve gotta fight for what you want, stand up for what you believe x2)
A family at eighteen, the media call it normal
So fuck this bloody system and don’t be so formal

State of Mind (Without Conscience – Track #5)

I can’t breathe, I can’t think
What’s going one? I’ve gotta get away
Can’t breathe, can’t think
What’s going on?, it suffocates
Take the pain
I search and find, because you’re on my mind
All my feeling denied, (feel like) I want to die
State of mind
Don’t know where I’m going on
But I’ve go to get away
State of mind

Stitched Up (Stitched Up – Track #1)

Systematic Abuse (Fuck The World Split – Track #6)

Another suicide, a cry for help
Sympathy, neglect, what the hell
Can’t live up to expectations
They push too hard at your limitations
Systematic Abuse (x4)
They bite off more than you can chew
Put you on a pedestal, but look at you
All fucked up, too tired to think
All cries for help, all in vain
Systematic Abuse (x4)
Fuck all Society (x4)
Sitting in a corner all alone
Gun in hand, crying on the phone
No one can help you, they don’t know
Pull the trigger, it’s time to go.
Systematic, systematic, systematic abuse (x4)

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Take (Without Conscience – Track #7)

Beautiful fears - I feel like shit inside
Everything starts to go wrong
You’re always telling me lies
Head starts to fall apart
All my thoughts they subside
Hands push me against the wall
I’ve got nowhere to hide
You’re taking advantage
There’s fuck all to say
I lay back and close my eyes
I’m waiting for you to take
I’ve looked into those green eyes … now
Take that knife out my back
I’ve heard it all before
You’re playing games with my emotions
You’re the chess player and I’m the pawn
A thousand lies, a thousand times
I can’t take this anymore
You take from me what you can
But you ain't coming back no more
Feeling my hands around your throat
I can feel smooth skin and pulse
I’m squeezing tight as you start to choke
Are you starting to choke?
I’ve looked into your lifeless green eyes … now
Take that knife out my back
I’ve heard it all before
You’re playing games with my emotions
You’re the chess player and I’m the pawn
I’ve looked into your empty eyes
I’ve seen behind your wall
Now it’s too late to compensate
You’re going to lie to me no more
Lie to me no more
Lie to me no more

Teenage Kamikaze (F.O.A.D. – Track #3)

Terrorist Attack (Dem Bones – Track #6)

Well, there’s the Baader-Meinoff
Yeah, they had their chances
And there’s the P. L. O.
They took their stances
It’s a terrorist attack
Run for your lives
They’ll shoot you in the back
Run for your life
The I. R. A. with nail bombs
They’ll blow you up if you don’t wake up
The I. R. A. with nail bombs
Northern Ireland, what a fuck up

The Fix (Stitched Up – Track #2)

The Madness (Religion is Responsible – Track #2)

The Path (Without Conscience – Track #9)

Broken feelings, nothing to say
It's getting closer, got find my way
My path is blocked, my vision ain't clear
I want to touch, but feel insecure
I'm lost in my emotions
List in life
New day awakenings
I'm lost in old surroundings
My self control is running low
Don't push too hard, I might just blow
You push me down, I see you falling
I look at you, I see you laughing
Your mind's a secret
Your body's sacred
People have killed for you
Don't do as I say
Do as I say

The Point of Agony (Decapitated 1983 to 1986 – Track #8)

USSR and USA, they fight their wars from far away
So why must we control our hate
When this whole world’s in a massive state
It hurts so bad this way of life
In pain, in war, in love, in strife
Revival or relapse, which is the key
To break Britain out of its’ agony
SS20 and SS5, they will burn us all alive
If it’s not tomorrow, it’ll be today
And we just don’t know how far away
So, don’t tell us what we already know
We’re so confused, who’s friend or foe?
Exposure to all the hate and lies
Be what you want to be, don’t close your eyes

Their Living is my Death (Dem Bones – Track #4)

There’s a factory across the field, it’s dark, cold and grey
A thousand people cross the gates, to work there every day
They’re making the components that they hope will win the war
It’s a Radway Green death factory, come in and make some more
My money is spent on living, their money is spent on death
My death is their living, their living is my death
You’re all a bunch of liars, I just don’t know who to believe
You say you won’t use it, tell me why you fucking make it
Now, I’ve made mind up and decided you are wrong
Got to find a way of fighting you, without being atom bombed

Trader in Death (Trader in Death 12” – Track #6)


Treading Underfoot (Bonecrusher – Track #1)

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Untamed Power (Bonecrusher – Track #5)

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Wasted Nation (Stitched Up – Track #4)

Wealth Rules (Dem Bones – Track #1)

You liar (x11)- You never tell the truth
You say you try to help us but fuck you never do
Stockpile up all the money, stockpile it all for you
Suck in all the people, under your deadly reign
Lock up all clever people, pronounce them all insane
You say you send food money to the latest Cambodian strain
Transported in the form of a missile again
The rest is spent on your new summer house
For when the big flashing light knocks all the lights out
It’s time for you to say goodbye, it’s time for you to go
To take the tablets or the gas or the needles not so slow
The answers been provided, so come on face the truth
This world isn’t yours anymore this world is for the youth
So, die, die, die

Who’s to Blame (Dem Bones – Track #2)

Another kid dies in police detention
His family cries and pleads for attention
Complain to their MP but nothing’s done
This could never happen to their son
Barry Prosser and James Kelly
Just dead faces on the telly
No-one did it, it wasn’t murder
Unlawful killing was the verdict
They’ll hold a hearing and an inquest
In the name of justice, they’ll do their best
Protect their own and fuck the rest (x2)
At their meetings, they’ll make excuses
Why people died with all those bruises
With Broken Bones and damaged brains
Someone killed them so who’s to blame?

Who Cares about the Cost? (Trader in Death 12” – Track #2)

Without Conscience (Without Conscience – Track #13)

Police Brutality
They're gonna kick you to the floor
You're on bended knees
They're gonna beat you more
Without conscience
Six year old at school
Playing with his gun
You look at him the wrong way
He's gonna blow you away
Terrorist bombs
They're gonna blow you away
They don't give a fuck about you
They don't care anyway
Without Conscience

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