A history of punk band Broken Bones

Broken Bones is a British hardcore punk band that formed in 1983 and is credited by many for influencing many future thrash and heavy metal acts, including Metallica. The punk band was founded in the early 1980s by former Discharge guitarist Tony “Bones” Roberts. Despite several lineup changes, including Bones’ twin brother Tezz leaving and returning only to leave again, and no major label support in the U.S., Broken Bones nonetheless was a force in the punk scene throughout the 80s, part of the 90s and now has returned with a new album.

The lineups

The original members of Broken Bones were Tony Roberts on guitar and his brother Tezz on bass, joined by vocalist Nobby and drummer Bazz. Tezz left the band in 1984 to join the U.K. Subs and taking his place was Oddy, a friend of the band who was at the time also serving as a roadie. After one album, “Dem Bones,” and a tour of the U.S. and Europe, Oddy left Broken Bones to join the band Conflict, so Tezz returned to play bass for Broken Bones. This lineup then released another album, “F.O.A.D.,” only to have Nobby leave the group to live in America and Tezz once again setting off. Oddy returned to the band, this time to sing as well as play bass.
Broken Bones, now a trio, released the extended play record “Seeing Thru My Eyes.” The band’s momentum slowed after this, and Bones decided to reform the group under a new lineup. This included drummer Cliff, singer Quiv and bassist Darren “Thrasher” Harris. The new Broken Bones took a step toward becoming more in the metal genre than punk, releasing three recordings albums, “Losing Control,” “Religion is Responsible” and “Stitched Up.” After these releases, however, the band stopped recording and touring for awhile.

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In the late 1990s, Roberts created a new iteration of Broken Bones, this time with Quiv on vocals, Oddy back on bass and Dave on the drums. Roberts, of course, was still on guitar. The band performed some live shows followed by a tour of Europe to get things started, and then in 2001 Broken Bones released its first album in eight years. This release, “Without Conscience,” harkened back to the band’s earlier style. This was followed four years later by the LP “Time for Anger, Not Justice.”
In 2010, Broken Bones released “F*ck You and All You Stand For” on its own label, Dem Bones Records. The band has taken advantage of the Internet to promote and sell its own music. The band continues to speak out against greedy politicians and religion through its music. It no longer tours, but does continue to play gigs on long weekends or during music festivals.


“Dem Bones” – LP, 1984
“Live 100 Club” – 1985
“Seeing Thru My Eyes” – EP, 1985
“Bonecrusher” – LP, 1985, released only in USA
“F.O.A.D” – LP, 1986
“Losing Control” – LP, 1989
“Trader in Death” – CD, 1990
“Stitched Up” – LP, 1991
“Death Is Imminent” – compilation, 1993
“Without Conscience” – CD, 2001
“Time for Anger, Not Justice” – LP, 2005
“F*ck You and All You Stand For” – CD, 2010

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